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Jennifer Duncan

  • Thank you for your hospitality. You have given me fond memories. Thank you very much for great lunch.

Steve Lory Boston - USA

  • The food was wonderful. or was the hospitality. sup,,rprising Turkish.

A Saglam Restaurant's Friend from izmir

  • Mehmet kardeşimin mekanında çok az yerde duyduğumuz keyfi lezzeti ve dostluğu bulduk.En kısa zamanda en anlamlı günlerimizden birinikendisiyle paylaşmayı düşlüyoruz.

Cristianoı form italy

  • Siamo tree sinpatici italiani, una coppia con un caro amico al seguito, na adesso passiaro an inglese cosi tutti capiscono! we are traveling around this great country, having fun and meeting nice and kind people. today after a a hand carpet ....

Melody from NJ USA

  • thank you for a wonderful lunch for the beatiful songs. be sure to recommend your restaurant to all of my friends.

From western michigan university USA

  • Mehmet Bey thanks for a nice dinner and wonderful hospitalty. Thanks for the photos. i hope to return to your restaurant.

Hüsnü Bey /Gömeç

  • Kozak Demircidere de buluşmamızla başlıyor tanışıklığımız çalışkan temiz ve tertipli insanların çalıştığı lezzetli yemeklerin yapıldığı mekanınla yola devam etmesi ve güzel kıymetli sohbetinizle devam etmesinden çok bahtiyarlık duydum. Ülkemize yaptığınız değerli katkılardan dolayı sizi tebrik ediyorum. Adınızdan ve Bergamadaki hizmetlerinizden hep bahsedeceğim. Saygılarımla

From Seattle Washington USA

  • Great food and great ambience . We loved the experience. Thanks for the apple tea.

From San Antonio USA

  • Thanks for the great meal. We will remember this place good memories.

Elizabeth Sparks from Dallas TX USA

  • Dear Friends, coming to your restaurant is alwals a highlight for our groups. Thanks you for the great food, hospitalty and esspecially your wonderful singing.

From Boston MA USA

  • The spice kebap was great as cooked your wonderfulfire owen. Thanks you for making a memorable lunch.

From Boston MA USA

  • the food here is marvelous. The whole restaurant makes the whole town worth visiting. İf you are ever in Baltimore i will have to take you out to eat crabs! Thank you very much.

Adam Sparks From Dallas TX USA

  • thank you so much the food was excellent! next time i am in Turkey. İ will have to come back!

From Bruxelles Belgium

  • zue dine ? tellement de belles et bonnes closes dana ce pays! …

David Sparks From Dallas TX USA

  • thanks for your warm hospitalty, great foodthanks for your songs. We will be back next year. Good bye.

Deborah Kyler San Antonio TX USA

  • thanks you for your hospitality service.

Bedia Süleyman

  • Bergama' nın en güzel insanını tanımakla çok mutlu oldum

Frank Judd Brigham Young University Provo Utah

  • Dear Mehmet, thank you for a delicious meal and good conversation. We really appreciate your kindess and hospitalty. i hope that i can return to the beatiful country of Turkey someday and see you again. Sincerely


  • i certanly enjoyed the wondeful meal with you. The food was the best and the conversation was good. You are a very good man and i look forward to eating again with you.

Joe Vera S.A.

  • Baie lekker greet. Als je turkish wil elen is dit her restaurant. Teruq komen is een "must

Paul Melboure Australia

  • you were reccommended to us by a friend and we were not disappointed. The food was fantastic and delicious. The service was so friendly and even though we are for from Australia it still feel like home. Thank you very much you have helped make our time in Bergama meorable.

Meredith + Barbara Hawkins fron Toronto Canada

  • Dera Ufuk, thank you for looking after us so well . We enjoyed your wonderful smile and your tremendous hospitalty. You leave us with very special memories of Turkey. And i hope that we might have a chance to come back again some day. God bless you!

Jennifer Francois Charles from Montreal Canada

  • Dear Mehmet, after a night in a bus, a very long walk to akropolis in the bright sun, meeting you was a great end to a full day. You showed us that Turkey was more than great ruins but great people. Nous repartons avec une belle image de Bergama et une excellent recommandation de ton restaurant.


  • Sunday 16/05/2004 great lunch

Richard Alina Strandberg Edmonton Alberta CAN

  • thank you for the wonderful dinner. Your sprey chili meze was great. We are having a lovely time in Turkey. Appredicate the frindliness hospitalty of the people

Dennis & Andrew Tlyder

  • Mehmet,
    What wonderful city a restaurant you have. Thank you for the personel service a great food
    your new friends from Phoenix, Arizona

27 May 2006 San Deago California

  • The food is so good here that i am buying a house in Bergama. This way i will able to eat here three times a day!
    San Deago California

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